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Height:       6'1"
Weight:       250 lbs.
From:         Tennessee, in the hood.
Debut:        1991
Birthday:     December 7

Courtesy:  Pro Wrestling Almanac

Title   History

USWA Tag Team Titles
(15) w. JC Ice
(1) w. Brian Christopher

Courtesy:  Pro Wrestling Almanac

MCW Heavyweight Champion
(1) defeated Terry Golden

Courtesy:  MCW official web site

Pro    Wrestling    Illustrated    Top    500

1991:  Un-rated
1992:  Un-rated
1993:  #252
1994:  #279
1995:  #175
1996:  #103
1997:  #118


These are people/stables that he has aligned with.

(w. JC Ice)

WWF's Nation of Domination
(w. Faarooq, Savio, 
Crush, JC Ice)

USWA's Nation of Domination
(w. JC Ice, Sir Mo,
Akeem Muhammid,
Kareem Olojuwon,
Mike Samples, 
Tracey Smothers)

(w. Brian Christopher)