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Hello and welcome to my new page. This is a tribute to Wolfie D, one of the best wrestlers ever, in my opinion. When I get a chance, I will add more pics / etc. Thank You. Webmaster, Brad Sign My New Guestbook!

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My chosen links!

Wolfie D Pics Page
Pictures, Page 1
Wolfie D Pics Page 2
Pictures, Page 2
Wolfie D information!
Info on The Wolfman
Best page for wrestling news!
DDT Digest
Cool Page, great links
Chavo Guerrero Jr. Tribute
Cool page. Chavo rules!
Updated alot with RAW, Nitro, and Thunder pics!
Lodi tribute!
Lodi is my Idol! :)
Ken Shamrock Tribute!
Ken Shamrock, the coolest WWF wrestler. (Wolfie is better, though)
Lus Lurid
A tape trading tape, Cool!
Gene's Web Page
He's related, what can you do? j/k, good page!
Music City Wrestling Menu
What else? That is where Wolfie is!
Hank and Paul's Page
Cool Page

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